Benefits of Mediation

A Party’s Guide to Mediation

  • The dispute outcome is controlled by the participants 
  • Scheduling is easy and flexible
  • Private and confidential
  • Less expensive and quicker than a trial
  • Informal with few rules
  • Does not require attorneys
  • Allows participants to find creative solutions that a court may not order
  • Resolution is voluntary, even if the court has ordered mediation  
  • Agreement is enforceable by the court, if confirmed in a written and signed document 

Mediation is available for all kinds of issues whether or not a court case is filed, including:

  • Contract Disputes
  • Landlord/Tenant Matters
  • Personal Injury Disputes
  • Estate, Guardianship and Probate
  • Family Issues
  • Protection Orders
  • Real Estate Matters 
  • Homeowners Associations and Neighbor Issues
  • Employment Disputes
  • Cases Filed in Small Claims, County, District, Domestic and Probate Courts