Why CMS℠ Court Mediation Services? 

CMS℠ Court Mediation Services, a part of the Denver/Colorado Bar Association, offers an affordable alternative to resolving disputes without going to court. Our highly skilled mediators resolve disputes of all types. CMS℠ has served the community and the court system for over a decade.


Improve the effectiveness of the Denver justice system by providing the highest quality mediation services to the community and the courts.


“Less Risk, More Control”

Core Values

• Empowering parties to build their own just resolutions.

• Making mediation services accessible to all parties.

• Educating the public, the judiciary and the legal community on the value and process of mediation.


The program, originally known as Court Annexed Mediation Services (CAMP), began on February 13, 2001. On February 24, 2010 the program name was officially changed to CMS℠ Court Mediation Services and was approved by the Denver Bar Association (DBA) Board of Trustees as a “stand alone committee” of the DBA. CMS℠ is staffed and operated by trained and experienced mediators. Program funding relies in large part upon the nominal fees collected for our mediation services, with some annual contributions from the DBA, the Denver County Courts, and others. CMS℠ operates with the express approval and support of the Judges and Magistrates who adjudicate the cases mediated.