Getting Started with CMS℠ as a Mediator

Orientation and Required Trainings

We welcome all qualified mediators to our program, we do ask that you are willing to commit to ALL of the following required timelines and procedures:

Attend a CMS New Volunteer OrientationOur next orientation date will be announced soon.
Must submit proof of:Completion of a 40 hour course in mediation with certificate,
resume or CV, and
current contact information.
Must agree to a CMS background check at own expenseCurrently $30.00 minimum, plus $10.00 for each additional name used (a/k/a).Paid at the time of orientation.
Expected to give a 12 month commitment to the CMS program.A Mediator who has not mediated within the last 6 months is considered inactive. In order to reactivate, he/she will be required to attend another CMS Orientation and process another background check, and/or provide other time commitments and services approved in advance by the CMS Executive Director and/or Chair Person.In order to reactivate contact: Courtmediationservice@gmail.com
Participate in:CMS group discussions,
internal and subject matter trainings, and
reflective practice.