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1437 Bannock Street,

Denver Co 80202 Room 167

Please make payments payable and send to:

Denver Bar Association CMS

1290 Broadway, Suite 1700

Denver Co 80203

Memo: CMS – Case # – Mediator

If you have any specific questions regarding information of the divisions,administration members or CMS℠ program refer emails to:

(In order for us to serve you better, please state division in email subject line.)

Contacts by Phone - 303-322-6750.

DBA/CMS Program ChairJim Carr
Executive DirectorsPatricia Ayd & Elizabeth Walker Ext. 108
Director of Scheduling

Patricia Ayd To Scheduled a Mediation - Ext. 103
Director of Finance

Patricia Ayd
Director of Communications Chuck Woodward
Director of Onsite Mediations
Liz Walker
Director of Operations
Assistant Director of Operations
Taya Radman
Sarah Hornaday